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Three Mile Island Unit 2 Accident of 1979

  Photos and Videos 
  Located on DVD 1 (disc to main report) 
  U.S. Department of Energy Video, "The TMI-DOE Story: A Documentary" (1998) Brian Sheron, Director, Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research Gordon Skillman, Member, Advisory Committee on Reactor SafeguardsThomas Wellock, NRC Historian, Office of the Secretary  
  Script of the DOE VideoGary Holahan, Dep. Director, Office of New Reactors Script and slides of Mr. Skillman's Presentation 
   Harold Denton, Former Dir. Office of Nuclear Reaction Regulations  
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    Edward Frederick, Former TMI-2 Control Room Operator  
    Jessica Mathews, Former Advisor to President Carter  
    Richard Thornburgh, Former Governer of Pennsylvania  
    Sam Walker, Former NRC Historian  
    Dale Klein, Former NRC Chairman